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Clamp Meter Multimeter Ac/dc

0000 the clamp meter ac/dc multimeter is perfect for digital clamps and probes. With its broken down design and intuitive controls, this meter is perfect for anyone that wants to check power and current ratings for clamps, clocks, and other electronic parts. Additionally, the ac/dc multimeter is ideal for testing digital voltages and currents.

Top Clamp Meter Multimeter Ac/dc 2022

The uni-t ut136b digital multimeter is for use with the uni-t ut136b phone. It has a dc/ac frequency response of up to 135 hz. The tester has a 3-in-1 interface - you can use unidirectional voltage, ampere-hour, and watt-hour gauges. The tester also has a built-in d/a converter for usingili-manufacturer-defined intervals on batteries. The tester has a data storage capacity of 10 or 20 bits. And can handle a variety of applications.
this is a digitalclamp meter tester ac/dc multimeter which can measure digital channels of an electronic device. The meter has a multimeter mode which can measure voltages, amperes and currents. The meter has a 600a current range. The multimeter has a strobe light and a reading light.
this is a digital clamps meter ac/dc multimeter which can measure digital clamps and amps. It has a fast and easy to use auto ranging current range of 0- 20ma. The clamps meter is perfect for use in starkville, ms, jackson, joplin, or anywhere where digital clamps and amps are used.